Thursday, November 21, 2013


AIPEU Grp-C/Agttn/ 01/13-14                                                                                       11-11-2013

            The Superintendent of POs

Subject:  This union’s charter of demand letter dated 10-10-2013  - rdg.

Reference: Union / Misc dated at Pathanamthitta, the 24th Oct 2013.

Respected Sir,
            In response to your letter this union like to bring the following points and issues which are precipitated, to your attention.

            One wonders on the finding that there is no room for agitation in the present Scenario in the division!  The real Divisional Scenario is filled with nothing but the weep & curse of the distressed mass of employees. Table of issues of suffering comprises unhealthy working condition, unfriendly age old working tools and equipments, condition of negation of leave and other sufferings because of acute staff shortage, Class A and Class B offices are managed by single official, extracts additional work without any additional remuneration, such things are at the frontier of work field. However the discrimination and partiality shown are too much, in granting any monitory benefits or even the medical treatment advances are used as tool for revenge.
 On trade union frontier looking for every chance to sabotage our membership to the other rival union, attacking this union by twisting the laws and violating the rules and regulations of Dept of Posts, as this is the whole scenario. The Divisional Administration itself knows better than this what is what. We are not mentioning each and every case here.

Regarding revision of BPM’s TRCA the course of action and the time and space described by yourself are self explanatory for what you have perceived in mind.

Regarding the delay in relief of the officials under orders of transfer was explained that because of pendency of their representation at C O. Okay we agree but this kindness was not shown in the cases of our members. The wretched play enacted behind all of it knows better by you than anybody. And it was not like that in the case of those officials whose relief was delayed. The hurry for relief shown in the case of our members was not seen in the cases of your dear and near ones.

            Regarding NOC recommendation same as in the above cases we knows very well what you have brewed out. What is the outcome of trip permitted for treatment! The illness was cured well months before the treatment was obtained.  

Respected Sir we are also living in the same sphere with you. Please, don’t say dog for a sheep before our eyes. 
        Though the time had passed, the situation and the scenario have not changed yet. Instead it has been further aggravated due to the anti worker, anti NFPE attitude of Divisional Administration. Please refer to this union’s letters dated 11-11-2013, numbered 01-06 & dated 19-11-2013 numbered 07

            This union once again reiterates that the struggle will go until the Anti Worker, Anti NFPE attitude of Divisional Administration ended.

                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
Shaji P Mathew.
Divisional Secretary

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