Friday, January 27, 2012

SB ORDER NO. 31/2011
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001, Dated: 20.01.2012
All Heads of Circles/Regions
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.

Subject:- Clarification regarding default fee in RD and calculation of Post Maturity Interest.

Sir / Madam,
The undersigned is directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 13.12.2011 (SB Order No.31/2011) and Corrigendum-I issued on 20.12.2011 and Corrigendum-II issued on 02.01.2012 on the subject. This office is still receiving phone calls regarding charging of default fee in RD from 1.1.2012 under modified rules and calculation of PMI. Following further clarifications are issued on the subject:-

In case of RD

Since the rule of default fee and the software have not been amended, no default fee is to be charged if the above rule is not followed till the rule and software is amended. Default fee provision will remain the same. This rules has been got modified to avoid rush of RD work in the last week of a month. Amendment in the rule for charging default fee shall be taken up with Min. of Finance once the work of putting stamps on all the RD Passbooks is completed and depositors become familiar about the change.

In case of PMI

It is further clarified that PMI is to be calculated for the complete month from the date of maturity and remaining part of the month is to be ignored. Revised example is given below:-

if an account was matured on 26.8.2009 and the depositor attends the post office on 30.01.2012, he/she will be paid PMI at the rate 3.5% from 26.08.2009 to 25.12.2011 (28 complete months) and at the rate 4% from 26.12.2011 to 25.01.2012 (one complete month). Period from 26.1.2012 to 30.1.2012 (being part of month) will be ignored.
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)
The issue was seriously discussed during the talks held on 10.1.2012 while pointing out the irregular orders released without making necessary corrections in the softwares.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am writing this column for those who are desirous of collecting information under RTI and what should be the correct format to have information. As all of us know that, citizen has a right to seek such information from a public authority which is held by the public authority or which is held under its control. It is not open to a requester to ask, in the guise of seeking information, questions to the public authorities about the nature and quality of their actions. The RTI Act does not cast on the public authority any obligation to answer queries, to elicit answers to his questions with prefixes, such as, why, what, when and whether. As an applicant, we can only seek information as defined in Section 2 (f) either by pinpointing the file, document, paper or record, etc., or by mentioning the type of information as may be available with the specified public authority. We can, for example, ask for all records /Copy of decision taken/Copy of note sheets to implement certain orders. We can ask for copy of orders pertaining to implementation period as per law under the rule but not “What would be the further maximum reasonable time required to implement orders?” The definition of information cannot include within its fold answers to the question "which" that would be same thing as asking the reason for a justification for a particular thing. The public information authorities cannot expect to communicate to the citizen the reason why a certain thing was done or not done in the sense of a justification because the citizen makes a requisition about information. Justifications are matter within the domain of adjudicating authorities and cannot properly be classified as information." So I request all my friends that we should call for information under the ambit of RTI rules so that there would not have been any denial to the sought information by the Public Authority.  

Grant of Cycle maintenance allowance to postmen-Regarding

D.G. Posts F. No. 1-02/2012-PAP dated 17th January, 2012
            The undersigned is directed to say that the issue of grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance to Postmen without any limitations of distance of their beats has been under consideration of a Committee on special Allowance, headed by Shri Santosh Gauriar, Chief Postmaster General, Madhya Pradesh Circle.
2.         The recommendations of the Committee have been examined in consultation with the Integrated Finance Wing of the Department and the Competent Authority is please to approve that all the postmen, who are utilizing cycles for delivery of mails, be granted Cycle Maintenance Allowance without any distance criteria, after due approval of the Divisional Heads concerned subject to satisfaction of prescribed conditions. This will be further subject to strict adherence to the instructions on rotation of postmen beats.
3.         These orders shall take effect from the date of their issue.
4.         This has been vetted by the Departmental IFW vide their Diary No. 20/FA/12/CS dated 17.1.2012.

Grant of Travelling & daily allowance to mail overseers in place of night halt allowance-reg

D.G. Posts F. No. I-o2/2012-PAP dated 17th January, 2012
            The undersigned is directed to say that the issue of granting full travelling and daily allowances to the Mail Overseers in this Department has been under consideration of a Committee on special Allowances, headed by Shri Santosh Gauriar, Chief Postmaster General, Madhya Pradesh Circle.
2.         The recommendations of the Committee have been examined in consultation with the Integrated Finance Wing of the Department and the Competent Authority is pleased to accept the recommendations as below:
(i)         The Mail Overseers will be entitled to normal Travelling and Daily allowances for their journeys beyond Eight Kilometers from their Headquarter Stations and reimbursement of Actual Travelling Expenses for their journeys with the sphere of Eight Kilometers from their Headquarter Stations, in accordance with the Fundamental and Supplementary Rules(Part-II TA Rules)
(ii)        The existing Night Halt Allowance payable to the Mail Overseers is ordered to be withdrawn with immediate effect.
3.         These orders shall take effect from the date of their issue. Expenditure on the TA and DA of the Mail Overseers shall be debited to the normal Travelling Allowance Expenditure Head of the concerned Units/Divisions and be met from their sanctioned grants.
4.         This has been vetted by the Departmental IFW vide their Diary No. 21/FA/12/CS dated 17.1.2012.

Tenure Posting of officials in single handed & double handed post offices – Preventive Vigilance Measure.

D.G. Posts No. 8-4/2005-Inv dated 12th January, 2012.
            Instructions were issued vide this letter of even No. dated 22.9.2005 to the effect that officials who have been posted as SPM /PA in single handed or double handed Post Offices irrespective of period of posting/completion of tenure should not be posted back to the same office after a break as is being done now. In other words officials of single handed and double handed post offices can have only one posting in such offices during their service period. The letter however vested powers personally with the CPMG/PMG for relaxation of the provisions only in respect of double handed post offices in a specific case if warranted by exceptional administrative exigencies.
2.         For quite some time past, this office has been receiving reports/representations expressing difficulties faced in the implementation of these instructions in respect of single handed SOs. As such it has been decided that the powers of the CPMsG/PMsG for relaxation in respect of double handed SOs if warranted by exceptional administrative exigencies would be applicable in respect of single handed SOs also.
3.         This issues with approval of Secretary (Posts).


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Meeting with Sri. Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State of Communications, was held today (21.01.2012) at 11.00 AM. Meeting lasted for 30 minutes. The staff side presented a memorandum to the Minister, containing the issues which needs Minister’s intervention. (See the copy published in the website). Minister agreed to examine each case on its merits and take early decision. The following issues were discussed with the Minister, in detail.
Issues relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks
Issues relating to casual, Part-time, Contingent employees
Revision of overtime allowance
Regarding GDS issues like status, promotion etc. Minister assured to examine the cases in detail and taken a decision at the earliest. Regarding reduction of existing allowances of GDS, the Minister gave on the spot instructions to the Secretary, Department of Posts, to issue orders protecting the existing TRCA in full. Further regarding cash handling point Minister directed Secretary that it should be finalized before 31st January 2012. He assured that the other issues like Bonus ceiling, providing norms for left out items etc. will also be given sympathetic consideration. Regarding casual labourers issues Minister gave direction to the Postal Board to expedite the orders. Minister further assured that he will definitely call for the files relating to the other items mentioned in the memorandum and an indepth examination of the issues will be made and decision taken early.
The staff side thanked the Minister for giving us an opportunity to present our cases in front of him. The staff side was represented by Com. M. Krishnan (S/G, NFPE), Sri. D. Theagarajan (S/G, FNPO), Com. K. V. Sridharan, (G/S, P3, NFPE), Com. L. D. Kaushik (P3, FNPO), Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas (G/S P4, NFPE) Com. Ashok Sharma (P4, FNPO), Com. Giriraj Singh (G/S, R3, NFPE), Com. Devendra Kumar, Com. Pawan Kumar (R3, FNPO), Com. P. Suresh (G/S, R4 NFPE), Com. Satish Chander (R4, FNPO), Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee (G/S, Admn. NFPE), Com. S. B. Yadav (AIPAEA), Com. O. P. Khanna (G/S AIPAOA), Com. S. S. Mahadevaiah (G/S AIPEDEU), Com. Gautam Das (Org. Secy., NUGDS), Com. R. N. Parashar (ASG, NFPE).
Ref: PJCA/GENL/2012 Dated – 21.01.2012
Minister of State for
Communications & Information Technology
Government of India, New Delhi - 110003
Respected Sir,
We record our immense pleasure for the kind gesture of the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications & I. T. for arranging an interview with the staff unions to discuss the pending issues.
We record our sincere thanks to the Hon’ble Minister and we assure our fullest cooperation in the improvement of service to public. We further desire to bring the following issues which are pending for a long to the kind notice of Hon’ble Minister requesting his kind intervention for the mitigation of the same.
1. Issue relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks
The following long pending issues of the three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks may kindly be considered favourably.
(a) Grant of civil servants status for all purposes.
(b) 25% outside quota recruitment in Postmen promotion may be withdrawn.
(c) Enhancement of Bonus ceiling to Rs.3500/- at par with regular employees.
(d) Revision of tightened norms for cash handling etc.
(e) Stop reduction of existing allowance (TRCA) and grant full protection.
(f) Review of the tightened norms for compassionate appointment.
(g) Scraping of the newly notified “GDs Conduct and Engagement Rules” and restore previous “GDS Conduct and Employment Rules”.
(h) Counting of GDS service for pension on promotion to the post of postmen and Group ‘D’ (MTS).
2. Grant of Minimum Pay to the casual labourers working in postal department and regularization.
Despite crystal clear orders in existence to grant the minimum of Group ‘D’ Pay on pro-rata basis to the casual labourers as per the Sixth CPC report, it has not been extended so far to the casual, part-time, contingent employees working in the Postal department. There is an inordinate delay in releasing the orders. In all other departments pro-rata payment has already been made in the year 2008 itself. Notwithstanding the implementation of the recommendations of the committee on casual labour issues constituted by the Postal Board, it is requested to cause immediate orders to pay the minimum of the pay to the casual labourers w.e.f. 1.1.2006. Action may also be taken for regularization of the service of casual, part-time, contingent employees.
3. Regularization of RTP Services and ending the discrimination between the restwhile RTPs
(i) As per the Directorate letter dated 19.4.96, the implementation of the Ernakulam CAT judgment granting the past RTP service as regular service for all purposes was restricted only to the applicants of the O.A. This is against to the decisions of the various judicial pronouncements that the benefits should be extended to the similarly situated persons.
(ii) During 1970 to 1974, even the pre training services of certain officials engaged as postal clerk were regularized. The RTPs were trained and utilized full time in the clerical posts to manage all the works of the post office. They were recruited only under the Postal Assistant recruitment Rules and no separate recruitment rules were framed at this time.
(iii) The CAT, Chennai held that the services rendered by the ex RTPs at APS shall be counted as qualifying services for all purposes. The Chennai High Court, on appeal by the department has upheld the decision of the CAT in WP no 37117 to 37119 of 2002 and directed the department to extend the benefits. Based on this the service rendered by RTP was regularized for several APS RTPs.
(iv) In another case, the Apex court under Civil Appeal No.5739 of2005 filed by Sri M. Mathivanan, Postal Asst, Cuddalore division upheld the decision of extending the benefits and dismissed the appeal filed by the department with costs. Several APS RTPS were regularized based on this also.
(v) The Directorate has directed the Circle Heads to collect, compile and furnish details of ex-RTPs deputed to APS to consider for extending the benefits to all similarly situated persons. There after there is no action in this regard.
(vi) The Mumbai High Court has also delivered favourable judgment in this regard on 31.8.2010.
(vii) When the issue was earlier taken up through the Minister of State by our union, the department has called for the particulars about the RTPs from all circles vide its letter no 44-1/2011- SPB II dated 13.01.2011.
(ix) We are not demanding the wages for the past periods and only seeking the service be taken for promotion. This will not affect any one’s seniority since during 1983 to 1989, there was no recruitment due to ban in filling up of vacant posts. By construing their service, they will get their LSG and other promotions earlier which will not have any financial benefits to them since all of them, by that time will be in Pay Band II. If their services of RTP are taken for MACP, they will get some monetary benefits for which also there is no provision in the existing rules.
Since this will not have any financial implications, it is requested to kindly consider the same without sticking to the Apex Court judgment issued in 1986 in different context in this case by brushing side the bare facts of justification and other subsequent judgments.
4. Creation of System Administrators cadre & extend other facilities
A rapid modernisation takes place in the department and around 1872 crores have been allotted for further extension of modernization. To modernize the existing Post offices, the role of the existing System Administrators are laudable. They are working from dawn to dusk for the efficient functioning of Pos in computers. But for their active involvement, the modernization of Postal Services could not be possible without incurring any expenditure to the department in the initial stage. Most of the softwares were developed by these section of employees. Now the Department is stating that creation of system Administrator posts is not viable. We have already dropped the demand of creation of System Administrators which carry 5400 Grade Pay as there is no full time justification for such post. ‘System Assistant’ cadre with Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- is in existence in other Government departments. Similar kind of System Assistant cadre may please atleast be created in the department and all the existing personnel may please be absorbed in the existing vacancies since the role of these Technocrats are very much essential for the maintenance of computers & software.
5. Revision of OTA rates and stop recovery of OTA paid to the officials who are engaged compulsory on OTA overlooking the pay ceiling.
At present, over time Allowance is being paid at the rate of Rs.15.85 per hour which was fixed by the Fourth Pay Commission in 1987. There was to revision eventhough the committee of secretaries to look into the OTA issue has decided to continue the scheme of OTA without revising the rate of OTA. In the Railways the rate has already been revised. Further the pay ceiling as fixed by 4th CPC as Rs. 2200/- P.M. has not also been revised. As per the new pay, almost all crossed the ceiling amount and they have been ordered to perform OTA compulsory and in many cases they have been charge sheeted for not performing OTA. The meager amounts paid at the rate of Rs. 15.85 has also been recovered subsequently. In all the departments, except Postal, the OTA rates have been revised.
It is therefore requested to kindly cause action to revise the OTA rates and waive the OTA amount already paid based on the duty performed due to unscientific application of OTA ceiling fixed by the 4th CPC.
6. Grant of cash payment for uniforms and kit items for Postmen, Mailguard, MTS/Group ‘D’
At present the quantity of the uniform supplied is not good. Abnormal delay is also taking place. Action may be taken for cash payment for uniforms and kit items.
7. Delay in filling up of vacancies in all cadres especially in Postal civil wing and Postal Accounts and Postmen cadre.
(a) Eventhough Government has lifted ban on filling up of vacant posts in 2009 iteself, the recruitment process for filling up of vacant posts in civil wing and Postal Accounts are yet to be completed. Postmen posts are also lying vacant due to non-conducting examination. Action for filling up vacant posts in their cadres may also be expedited.
(b) Further it is requested to take action to revive all the 2/3rd vacant posts kept in skeleton for the period from 2005 to 2008. In metro cities/sub urban areas additional justified Postmen post may be created. Action may also be taken to fill up all MTS posts.
8. Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI work
It is requested to roll back the decentralization of PLI/RPLI work.
9. Extend Apex court Judgement in the case of Relaxation of Recruitment Rules (RRR) candidates to all approved candidates awaiting absorption
It is requested to kindly extend the benefits already provided to RRR candidates of Tamilnadu circle to the similarly situated candidates, They are praying mercy and fair play from the Minister as they are being continuously engaged over 14 years and there is no chance for any employment at this stage.
10. Convening the 11th Meeting of Postal Service Staff Welfare Board
The Hon’ble Minister of State for communication & IT has fixed to 11th meeting of postal services Staff Welfare Board on 05.04.2011 for discussions on 27 items in the agenda which was subsequently postponed. Almost all the items placed in the agenda are pertaining to the welfare of the staff. We request the Hon’ble Minister to convene the meeting and decide the items as notified in the agenda as welfare measure to Postal staff.
11. Counting of Special pay to PO & RMS Accountants on TBOP promotion
For implementation of High Court, Karnataka judgment in W.P. No. 7593/2003 dt. 18.11.2010 on this issue, the Ministry of Law has opined that this is not a fit case by way of filing SLP before Apex Court. However, the Directorate has sought the opinion from all circles about filing SLP against Karnataka High Court orders. A kind attention is drawn to order 1 of Appendix 8 of FR & SR 1 which is stated inter alia: -
“The Special Pay would henceforth be termed as Special Allowance as recommended by 5th CPC in para 109.5 of the report and would be granted as hitherto fore subject to same conditions as are stipulated in FR 9 (25)”
(Dept of per & Trg OM No. 4/4/97-Estt (Pay II) dt. 22.4.1998)
The Karnataka High Court has upheld the order of Ministry of Personnel granting special Allowance subject to the same conditions of special pay vide FR 9 (25). In the Draft memo circulated by Directorate to all Heads of Circles seeking their opinion, the following are not reflecting the facts of the case.
i) In para 6, 3rd line it has been mentioned that “special pay having been converted into special Allowance” ….. Whereas in Government order, “as per recommendations of 5th CPC, special pay has been termed as Special Allowance.”
ii) In para 6, 9th line, it has been mentioned that “Payment of special pay was completely stopped,” – but the stoppage of special pay was not accepted by Govt. As per Vth CPC recommendations, the Special pay is now termed as Special Allowance and would be granted as hitherto are subject to same conditions as are stipulated in FR 9 (25)
Under these circumstances, it is not fair to move with SLP in this case as the DOPT vide its OM dated 22.04.1998 clearly stipulated that the special pay was now termed as special allowance subject to the same condition and as such the problem of pay fixation by taking Special Allowance can be sorted out.
It is therefore requested to kindly implement Karnataka High Court decision to all the similarly situated officials and render justice to the aggrieved officials.
12. Recovery of alleged overpayment of pay and allowances to postman on account of fixation from the officials of Accounts branches of HPOs
The drawing & disbursing officers should not be made as scapegoats in this case. According to Rule 87 of P&T FHB Vol I, any excess payment can be recovered at any time. The Apex Court also confirmed that any excess paid due to administrative mistake, there is no rule which prohibits such recovery (Udaysankaran Vs. Union of India JT 1996 (4) SC). The most pertinent point is that the Inspection Parties of ICI and Audit have approved and certified such drawal in many places. There was confusion in interpreting the orders then for which Group C officials are becoming the victims.
On 13.1.09 The Secretary (P) assured to reconsider the issue and ensure no recovery on part of APM Accounts & Accountants. The Secretary observed as unfortunate in the case of Rule 14 initiated charges on the date of superannuation of Sri. V. V. Nargida, APM, Accounts Pune city as he did not pay Rs.727671.61 towards contributory factor for excess drawal to postmen on implementation of 5th CPC orders.
Instead of filing SLP against the decision of the principal CAT, the department has resorted to imposing recovery on APM Accounts and Accountants for the excess drawal resultantly, many officials were charge sheeted and lakhs of rupees is being ordered as recovery. This is totally unjust and against to the natural justice. The Secretary during the talks held on 10.01.2012 has agreed to consider the issue on humanitarian angle.
It is therefore requested to kindly protect the innocent officials from the recoveries arbitrarily imposed in many circles.
13. Denial of three MACP benefits to the Promotees in the Department of Posts
As the promotion to Postal Assistant acquired by writing competitive examination is equated with one MACP promotion, the senior promotees even after acquiring 30 years of service in Postal Assistant cadre could not get the benefits of Rs.4600/- Grade Pay under MACP, where as their juniors are reaching the benefits without any hurdle.
Similarly the Group ‘D’ promoted to Postmen and then appeared for Postal Assistant examination and becoming Postal Assistant could avail only upto Rs.2800 Grade Pay whereas he was earlier availed 4200 Grade Pay under the BCR Scheme. This has caused a resentment among the postal employees and the officials may be discouraged in writing promotional examination if this anomaly is not sorted out. It is requested to kindly consider that in the case of promotees, if they completed 10 years service in the cadre continuously they shall be accorded MACP promotion with next grade Pay.
Further application of bench mark shall be deleted upto pay band II levels as in the Postal there is no provision of review of C. R. entries at divisional level and whatever be the entry made by the divisional superintendent, it becomes final. It is requested to consider deletion of bench mark application in case of officials up to pay band II level in the Department of Post.
14. Stop harassing staff on Contributory factors for simple and flimpsy reasons by misusing the provision of unbecoming of Govt. servant’ deviating the rules contained in Volume II, FHB etc.
The Directorate guidelines issued vide letter No. 6/8/59-Disc dt. 09.7.1959, 25/44/60-Disc dt. 30.11.60 and 15-9/74-INV dt. 10.02.75 and subsequent orders are being violated and the officials are being proceeded under contributory negligence factors on flimpsy reasons and awarded with huge recoveries. The provisions contained in Rule 106,107,108 & 111 of Postal volume III and the provisions of honest errors can be condoned contained in Rule 204 A (1) Vol. II and the provision of Rule 58, Appendix 4 of FHB Vol. I in dealing of recovery have been totally ignored and sidelined.
The main intention of the Govt. while deciding the degree of an officer’s pecuniary liability , it will be necessary to look not only to the circumstances on the cases but also to the financial circumstances of the officer since it should be recognized that the tendency should not be such as to impair his future efficiency.
We placed this item in the Departmental Council for issuing proper guidelines in deciding, such cases. But it is constrained that the orders issued vide letter No. 14013/03/2010 – VP dt. 22.06.2011 does no mention about all the above said provisions and not a speaking one. Resultantly no one is showing any cognizance to such clarification and innocents are being harassed continuously.
In many cases, the officials at the verge of retirement are being charge sheeted and amount recovered making them as scope goats – The real culprit and main offender become scot free. The main offenders are being dealt with casually. In many places instead of initiating action to recover the amount from the depositors in respect of minus balances, straightaway charge sheets are being issued to recover the amount. The contributory negligence provisions is being misused as a tool against the innocent employees.
It is therefore requested to direct the department to kindly cause appropriate instructions by citing all the above said orders on the subject and to avoid misuse of the provisions.
We seek the intervention of benign Hon’ble Minister of State on the above said items for the immediate settlement of these problems for which we will ever be grateful.
We assure our fullest cooperation in the improvement of service and providing better customer satisfaction to the public.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Comrades and Collegues,
The attack on Postal and RMS Employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks is mainly due to the policy of the Government against which all the Central Trade unions and Federations are jointly fighting. We as Postal workers, it is our duty to join the working class in its fight against the anti-labour policies of the Government. The Central JCA (NFPE, FNPO, AIPEDEU, NUGDS) calls upon the entire Postal and RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks to conduct intensive preparations for making the 28th February 2012 All India Strike a complete success. Strike notice will served by the Central JCA to the Secretary, Department of Posts.
With fraternal greetings,
Yours Sincerely,
M. Krishnan D. Theagarajan
Secretary General (NFPE) Secretary General(FNPO)
S.S. Mahadevaiah P.U. Murlidharan
General Secretary (GDS) Genera Secretary(NUGDS)
K. V. Sridharan D. Kishan Rao
General Secretary, General Secretary,
AIPEU Group 'C' NAPE Group 'C'
Ishwar Singh Dabas T. N. Rahate
General Secretary General Secretary
Postmen, MTS & Group 'D' NAPE Postmen, MTS &
Group 'D'
Giriraj Singh D. Theagarajan
General Secretary General Secretary
AIRMS & MMS EU Group 'C' R-3, FNPO
P. Suresh A. H. Siddique
General Secretary General Secretary
AIRMS & MMS EU MG & Group 'D' R-4, FNPO
Pranab Bhattacharjee O.P.Khanna
General Secretary General Secretary
AIPAOEU Group C & D Admn. Emp. Association- FNPO
T. Satyanarayana H.L. Ramteke
General Secretary General Secretary
S. Appanraj S. Sambandam
General Secretary General Secretary
S. A. Raheem Pratha Pratim Ghorai
General Secretary General Secretary

Name of Leaders (Coms.)
Name of Leaders (Coms.)
Andhra Pradesh
R. Seetha Lakshmi(NFPE)
Shankar Gaur (FNPO)
P. Panduranga Rao (GDS)
M. Krishnan (NFPE)
P.U. Murlidharan(GDS)
Assam/North East
T.N. Rahate (FNPO)
S.P. Mukherjee (NFPE)
Dheeraj Kumar Chaliha (GDS)
Madhya Pradesh
I.S. Dabas(NFPE)
Ashok Sharma (FNPO)
Mahendra Pratap Singh(GDS)
D. Theagarajan (FNPO)
R N Parashar (NFPE)
Subhash Prasad Sahu (GDS)
D.K. Rahate (NFPE
B.S. Kahasahade(FNPO)
D.N. Giri (GDS)
Satayanarayana (NFPE)
I N Yadav (FNPO)
Narayan Chaudhary (GDS)
D. Theagarajan (FNPO)
K.V. Sridharan (NFPE)
Nirmal Singh (GDS)
Giri Raj Singh (NFPE)
O P Khanna (FNPO)
Rambir Singh (GDS)
Giri Raj Singh (NFPE)
Dharm Singh (FNPO)
Lakhvinder Pal Singh(GDS)
P Suresh (NFPE
C P Nayi (FNPO)
B M Jadeja (GDS)
I.S. Dabas (NFPE)
Ashok Sharma (FNPO)
Rajender Diwakar (GDS)
K.K. Sharma (NFPE)
D Kishan Rao (FNPO)
Vijay Sharma (GDS)
Tamil Nadu
D. Theagarajan (FNPO)
K.V. Sridharan (NFPE)
M. Rajangam (GDS)
Himachal Pradesh
T N Rahate (FNPO)
Raj Kumar (NFPE)
Datta Ram (GDS)
Uttar Pradesh
R.N. Parashar (NFPE)
A.H. Siddique (FNPO)
Promod Kumar Singh (GDS)
Jammu & Kashmir
D.S. Chauhan (NFPE)
O P Khanna (FNPO)
Yog Raj Sharma (GDS)
T.N. Rahate (FNPO)
Balwinder Singh (NFPE)
Chandrabhan Mehra (GDS)
P. Suresh (NFPE)
Gulam Mohd. Robahi(FNPO)
Madan Mohan Singh (GDS)
West Bengal
D. Theagarajan (FNPO)
Pranab Bhattacharjee (NFPE)
Bejoy Gopal Sur (GDS)
S. Raghupathy (NFPE)
D. Kishan Rao (FNPO)
B. V. Rao (GDS)

Note: The venue and date of meeting will decided by mutual consultation of All India /Circle leaders concerned.