Tuesday, May 17, 2011



            Sri. Shaji P Mathew
            Divisional Secretary
            AIPEU, Class-III
            Pathanamthitta HPO-689645.

No. B/20/ROT/Tfr/11                                                                             Dated 13th May 2011.


            Subject:- Allegation against rotational transfer orders 2011-reg.

            Ref:- Your letter No. RTFR AGTTN/05-11 dated 12.05.2011.

            As you are well aware tht before issue of recent rotational transfer, I had a few rounds of discussion with both the service unions. Though both the service unions have their own priorities, I have assured you that I would try my maximum to meet the convenience of the staff without, off course, causing damage to the convenience of the administration. As you may also aware, our priority is to provide adequate man power to the Class-II offices which are presently functioning single handedly in computerized environment and also offices where work load is increased abnormally due to the down gradation of and re-attachment of EDSOs. I am sure that a dispassionate perusal of transfer orders now issued would show that it was necessary to rotate one or two officials before completing their tenure or some LR PAs to one post or another to meet the above requirement purely in the interest of service without any favour or victimization to any service union.
            You are also to be aware that if any official is aggrieved in any manner due to the transfer, it is for him/ her to appeal to the appeal to the appellate authority. This course of action is not done. It is to mention that both the service unions have grievances, it may not practicable for the authority which issued the transfer order to review the orders to the satisfaction of both sides. Without prejudice to the issue, Iam furnishing individual cases raised by you as below:-
  1. Part-I

I           The official was posted to Divisional office considering her competency only. Also there are no other suitable requests for filling up the vacant post of Divisional office. However, the case will be reviewed when a suitable official who can be posted as OA Divisional office is identified.

II          In this case also there are no other suitable requests for Divisional Office except that of Smt. R Sini. Even though she was less than five years service, Divisional administration, after considering the work and conduct of the official decided to consider her request. The point that the official has not completed tenure is admitted but for administrative convenience her request was considered. There are some other cases also where the officials who have not completed their tenure were also shifted even without their requests to accommodate some officials and as such this issue is not maintainable.

  1. Part II

I           The fact that he has completed one tenure in a single handed office where there is much scope for fraud, there will not be any problem to post him in HO where there are more supervisory officials.

II          The request of Smt. K K Jagadamma was for OA Divisional office, she is otherwise well qualified to manage the work of project arrow office and hence she was considered for the post of PA Pathanamthitta HO which is the same station of choice and there was no discrimination as alleged more over she is holding an executive post of the service union.

  1. Part  III

I           In the case of Smt. Bindhu M Raghavan, Kunnikode SO was shown as her second choice. At Pathanapuram already there are two senior officials and hence the first choice station could not be provided. Smt. Bindhu M Raghavan has otherwise opted Kunnikode SO as her second choice and hence she was posted to Kunnikode. Being senior among the others at Kunnikode she was posted as SPM. Here, You have to realize that in every transfer order,  there may be some difficulties to accommodate the staff strictly according to their order of choice station. However in this case she has been given her second choice station and hence there is no any conspiracy or force of power beyond law as alleged. Even if she is posted as PA Kunnikode, She will have to work as SPM by virtue of her seniority among the officials available in the SO. Please note that she is presently working as a supervisor in the HO.

  1. Part  IV

I           Here also the posting is strictly as per the choice of station submitted by the official. But for clear reasons she could not be accommodated at choice stations 1 and 2. It is better for us to avoid further discussions about her service matters which are all available with us. However her case has been considered completely in her favour and posted at an office nearest to her residence. Presently there is no vacancy at Kozhenchery.

II          Here also there was no revengeful attitude against the official though he had submitted choice station at Angadi / RP Angadi there is no vacant post at Angadi and the staff position of the division does not permit to fill up the vacant post of RPAngadi now, so he was posted to one of the nearby offices to reduce the difficulty if any. Here also it would be advisable to keep in mind that the official is accommodated at this office after discussion. As such there is no issue in this posting.

III        As you know the whole Divisional administration is going on smoothly with the help of loyal officials. Deputing officials to other POs is a normal admionistrative action to which all officials are supposed to obey. He has submitted request only for one station at Ranny Perunad here also the staff position of the Division does not permit to attach such a senior official at Ranny perunad for the present. Regarding the present demand for posting him as PA RP Angadi the same issue of staff shortage prevail, and it is not feasible to accommodate him as PA RPAngadi. It is also to mention here that now the official has submitted fresh request to post him as PA Chittar. Even if he is posted as PA, he will have to work as SPM as in the case of Kunnikode.

  1. I   Transfer ordered in respect of S/Sri. Sony Paul, Arun Babu, Thomas Alex, Anilkumar has strictly in the interest of service and not according to their requests and remaining officials were transferred on their requests. If such postings are not given, other senior officials who have to be shifted to their places, causing them inconvenience as such it can be seen that there is no any influence or torturing as alleged on the part of the administration. You have note pointed out as to whose interests are adversely affected due to the above transfers.

II          In the case of Sri. Sudhakaran he is a senior official even after providing assistance of an outsider, there was no improvement in his work culture and it was not possible to permit him to continue there and hence a transfer order was issued, but relief could not be arranged. Now two junior officials have been posted in order to avoid further dislocations to other senior officials. Now two PAs are posted at Kalanjur as both are juniors And outsider service willnot be provided there hereafter.

F    As per workload we have many more Class-I, Class-II and Class-III POs where additional staff to be provided however the training process of the newly recruited PAs has only commenced and additional hands to these offices can be provided only as a priority basis by applying top priority to Class-II offices where one hand is short. Once, the training process is over and all 45 new recruits have joined, there will be definite improvement in the staff position in the Division, when the vacancies at Ranny perunad, RPAngadi etc, which are not of top most priority right now, will be filled. All pending requests / demands can be met by that time. Please also bear in mind that similar requests for transfer to the POs in Ranny side are pending from officials of the other service unions also and decision of the administration is uniform.

      In view of the points clarified as above, I request you to desist from further agitations opn this issue and cooperate with the Divisional administration to ensure the smooth functioning of our Division. If you still have any doubts, let us discuss across the table on 20.05.2011 at 15.00 hrs.  

                                                                                          Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                   Superintendent of POs

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