Monday, May 16, 2011


            The Department vide its letter No. 21-8/2010-GDS dt. 18.04.2011 has amended the existing GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules 2001 as GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules 2011 as per the recommendations of Nataraja Murti Committee.

            The main crux of the amendment is nothing but to modify the 'Employment' into 'Engagement' so that the GDs employment may further be treated as an engagement like contingent, part time etc. The following are the other major revisions.

            Recruiting Authority means an authority to engage GDS on the basis of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rule 2011. (Note hereafter it is only engagement and not employment)

            A Sevak shall not claim to be at par with the Central Government employees. (Earlier in was as 'Servant of the Government' Now they are no more Government employees. They are being engaged in the postal service as if contract)

            Residence in Post village/delivery jurisdiction of the Post office within one month after selection but before engagement shall be mandatory. (The new provision for the modified rules is as follows)

            "Failure to reside in place of duty for GDS BPM & within delivery jurisdiction of the Post office for other categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks after engagement shall be treated as violative of condition of engagement and liable for disciplinary action under Rule 10 of the Conduct Rules, requiring removal/dismissal."

            Earlier in all paras, it was mentioned as 'Appointing Authorities'. Now it is modified as 'Recruiting Authorities'. Employment has been modified as service in the midst of the rulings.

            New Rules as 5.A: - "The GDS shall be entitled to Payment of Time Related continuity Allowance and other allowances as may be prescribed by the Government on the basis of workload as per the standards of assessment decided by the Department from time to time.

            A new note has been prescribed under Rule 9 – "Penalty of Recovery under Rule 9 (iv) can be enforced fully without any restriction.

            In nutshell, the GDS once declared as 'Extraneous Departmental Employees' but later after 1963 called as 'Extra Departmental Employees' are now being equated as if contingent, casual and contract workers by freezing all their rights as Government employees.

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