Monday, August 4, 2014


After publication of HSG II New Recruitment Rules (few months back) and HSG-I New Recruitment Rules (two days back) many officials are under the impression that the length of qualifying service in LSG & HSG-II  for next promotion is changed for all officials as per the new Recruitment Rules.  It is not so.  In the HSG-II and HSG-I Recruitment Rules there is a clause which states that as far as the existing LSG & HSG II officials (as on date of publication of the new RRs) the length of service as per the old Recruitment Rules is enough  for promotion of HSG II and HSG-I.  The new length of service condition is applicable only to those officials who get promotion to LSG & HSG II after the notification of the new RRs.  All  Circle / Divisional Secretaries are requested to bring the above important clause to the notice of all concerned, so that eligible employees will not be denied  promotion.

2.       Earlier IP Line officials are posted against HSG-I Postmasters post on promotion as ASP. As per the new HSG-I Recruitment Rules all the HSG-I posts are earmarked for promotion to General line HSG-II officials and there is no IP line posts in the HSG-I now. Circle Secretaries are requested to take up the case with chief PMGs to fill up all HSG-I posts (including IP line posts) by granting promotion to General line HSG-II officials with three years HSG-II service

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