Thursday, October 13, 2011


Com. M. Krishnan Secretary General NFPE and Com. D. Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO explained the gist of discussion held in the MNOP committee held on 27.09.2011. After detailed discussions the following decisions are taken.
1. Regarding the already implemented Speed Post Hubs the following modifications may be sought for positive decision.
(a) More intra circle hubs should be opened to reduce back routing and delay. Circle Secretaries of R-3 and R-4 Unions (NFPE&FNPO) should give concrete proposals regarding additional hubs required and also for change of jurisdiction from Postal Side to RMS .Report from Circles Secretaries should reach the General Secretaries /Secretary Generals before 5.10.2011.
2. Regarding first class mails hub (L1,L2) the meeting came to the unanimous conclusion that if the L-1,L-2 is implemented the following will be position:
(a) Most of the L-2 office will face closure in the near future due to fall in mail volume.
(b) In major metros/cities all the existing sorting offices and Divisions will be merged and closed.
(c) There will be large scale transfer and displacement of staff affecting their career prospective at large. Large number of Mailman staff and GDS may become surplus in metro/cities.
(d) L-1,L-2 will result in unnecesary back routing and avoidable delay in transmission/delivery of mails.
In view of the above the meeting decided to oppose implementation of L-1 and L-2 .
It is also decided to prepare for another industrial action if the department go ahead with implementation of L-1, L-2 inspite of our opposition. It is decided to approach the Hon`ble Minister for Communications & IT through MPs and appraise him, of the gravity of the situation and request intervention.
In the meantime the Secretary Generals shall prepare a detailed note explaining the above impact of L-1, L-2 for educating the rank and file membership.

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