Friday, September 9, 2011


No. PF-01(e)/2011(III)     Dated: 08th September, 2011
                All General Secretaries
            CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries,
            All affiliated Unions/Associations.

Sub:            March to Parliament – against PFRDA Bill.
Dear Comrades,
                It has been decided by the Steering Committee of Central and State Government Employees & Teachers Organizations on PFRDA Bill to organize March to Parliament on 29th Nov-2011 against the PFRDA Bill.

            The Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and workers has allotted quota to NFPE to participate in the March to Parliament as 7500 delegates.
The quota allotted to the affiliated unions is given below:
 P-III                              =          3000
P-IV                              =            3000
R-III                               =             700
 R-IV                             =            300
Admn.                          =            200
Postal Accounts                        =             200
SBCO                           =               50
Civil Wing                     =               50

                All General Secretaries are requested to allot Circle wise quota to each circle and instruct the concerned circle union to ensure participation as per quota without fail. Delhi Circle and nearby circles may be allotted more quota.

            All Circle Secretaries may be instructed to book the up and down tickets of the participants immediately. It should not be delayed.

            Regarding accommodation at Delhi for delegates coming far of circle NFPE Federal Secretariat will discuss and finalize it later.

            Please treat it as Most Urgent and Important.

            Copies of the circulars issued by the General Secretaries fixing quota each circle may be endorsed to Federation also.
   With greetings   YourComradely                                                                                                  

Secretary General NFPE

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