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No. Local agttn /2013                                                                                                 10-10-2013

            The Superintendent of POs

Subject:  Denial of indispensable legitimate requests from staff members of NFPE,
    extreme preferential treatment to the staff members of FNPO & intense 
    partiality shown in APAR violating rules and regulations-rdg.
            A reference is invited to the subject pertaining to the following issues discussed many times.
Stop forth with all sort of discrimination & favouritism !
 1. There is extreme sweeping discrimination in granting numerical gradation in the APAR of employees. The APAR preparation has been made use to revenge on our staff members at the will and pleasure of SPOs. The effort exerted to run and manage the office and update all CBS prerequisites in the time of acute shortage of staff for the last months has been wilfully ignored by the administration. 
(i)                 Whereas staff members of our union has been harassed & suffered SPOs revenge on them; maximum gradation has been granted to the dear and near who are the staff members of FNPO, violating all sort of rules and regulations in the matter.
(ii)              APAR has been written to a staff member of FNPO who was on ML from 2012 December to 2013 September with higher grading. This has done without monitoring and supervising the work and character of the official. This is against the general principles and rules of APAR. This is enough to expose the intense partiality of SPOs.
(iii)            The rule says that the officer concerned should abstain from writing the Report on the Government servant who is his close relative.  But here one PA at Adur HPO revealed to her colleagues that SPOs is a close relative of her. SPOs had written her APAR without observing the rule concerned.
(iv)            The general principle and rules says that APAR must not be used as a tool to control or discipline the staff. But here APAR has been clearly used as a tool to harass one of our union member and given her very low grading and noted a remark that inquiry case is pending. (case of Smt. Shylaja Kumary K, SPM, Mannady) No charge sheet has been issued till this time; no charge has been decided against her till now. And the remarkable business achievement she had attained also ignored.
 The rule says that the Superior officer should write the Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) of every one of his subordinate in an objective and impartial manner.  SPOs have violated this instruction purposefully to appease his dear and near ones and to satisfy his revenge on others.
    2.  At present the Cycle Advance has been disbursed with vested interest to those who are not entrusted with outdoor duties. Thereby the same is denied to the genuinely deserving applicants and GDS who are entrusted with outdoor duty.    This is clear instance of attitude of Divisional administration towards its employees. More funds for Cycle Advance may be requested from C O and the same may be disbursed to the actually deserving employees without fail.
     3. DG Posts instruction is there to review the work load and enhance the allowance if found justified in the cases of BPMs who requests after earned a higher business & transaction at their own office. On the basis of this instruction many BPMs belong to our union has been represented for a review of work load, and the issue had been taken for discussion in monthly meetings. But though months had elapsed there is no result. All such cases may be reviewed and allowances may be enhanced immediately before causing much loss to them.
    4.  The relief of one of the Official transferred in c/w the Rotational Transfer has been delayed purposefully and later he was relieved from the post under the written instruction of SPOs, but he does not joined to the transferred station and post. After two three days he was permitted to join again in the same post from which he was got transferred out. This is highly irregular. But the whole drama enacted at Adur HPO was in connivance with SPOs. In this case also the rules and instructions has been twisted and misinterpreted according to the requirement of SPOs intense preferential treatment. The irregularity may be rectified and the official may be ordered to join at his new post and station.
     5.  In recommending for NOC, for going abroad to stay with relatives SPOs glaringly exhibits his preferential treatment. In the case of Smt. Arathy PA, PTAHPO, on inquiry at CO, received the reply that her request has not received there till now.  This much delay has not been found in any such previous cases. The discrimination in this case may be stopped, and her request may be forwarded with proper recommendation without making further loss to the official.
 All the above cases are only few instances for the general attitude of SPOs in dealing with issues of staff and are the glaring examples for twisting, misinterpreting, violating the rules for his own vested interests. All the above cases may be settled in favour of officials.
We demands the glaring preferential attitude of SPOs may be stopped forth with.

If this attitude of preferential treatment is not ended and the issues mentioned are not solved around a table, this federation has decided to go with relay-dharna for fifteen days from the first week of 2013 November and closed down strike following to it. If the conducive atmosphere prevailing in the division disrupts, divisional administration will be responsible for it.                                                                                    Yours faithfully,  
              sd/-                                           sd/-                                                     sd/-
            John Mathew                         K K Rajankutty                                 Shaji P Mathew
        Divisional Secretary               Divisional Secretary                       Divisional Secretary
    Pathanamthitta-689645          Pathanamthitta-689645                    Pathanamthitta-689645.

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