Saturday, March 3, 2012

A meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) under the Chairpersonship of Secretary(Posts) was held on 10.02.2012. The following were present:
Official Side
Staff Side
1. Ms. Manjula Prasher, Secretary(P)
& Chairperson, Departmental Council(JCM)
2. Ms. Yesodhara Menon, Member(P)
3. Ms. Suneeta Trivedi, Member(Plg.)
4. Shri Santosh Gauriar, Member(O)
5. Kalpana Tiwari, CGM MB&O
6. Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM PLI
7. Shri Tilak De, DDG(MM&Estates)
8. Shri V.P. Singh, DDG(Estt.)
9. Shri Salim Haque, DDG(P)
10. Ms. Aindri Anurag, DDG(PO&CP)
11. Shri A.S. Prasad, DDG(FS)
12. Shri V.K. Tiwary, DDG(R&P)
13. Shri Subhash Chander, Director(SR&Legal)
1. Shri K.V. Sridharan,Leader
2. Shri Giriraj Singh,
3. Shri M. Krishnan,
4. Shri D. Theagarajan
5. Shri D. Kishan Rao
6. Shri Ishwar Singh Dabas
7. Shri T. N. Rahate
8. Shri P. Suresh
9. Shri Pranab Bhattacharjee
10. Shri A.H. Siddiqui
11. Shri K. Ragavendra
12. Shri S. Karunanidhi
13. Shri Surinder Pal
6. Incentive structure for handling UIDAI (Aadhar) cards to the PO staff.
The contention of the staff side was that Aadhar Cards were being handed over to the Postmen for delivery along with other dak which form part of their normal duties without considering their limitations in this regard. Mention was also made about higher rate of incentive being paid in Andhra Pradesh Circle with a request to follow it in other Circles.
It was clarified to the staff side that there is a provision to ensure delivery of Aadhar Cards within 15 days from the date of booking and it was quite a relaxed condition, in comparison to other Speed Post articles. In the matter of payment of incentive, the Chairperson agreed to reiterate the instructions in relation to Speed Post articles (including Aadhar) of the Department to all Heads of Circles. Higher incentive cannot be approved.
9. Release the Pension/DCRG of employees against whom minor penalty proceedings concluded after retirement.
In the light of instructions having been issued by the Department and reiterated vide letter dated 10.02.2012, it was agreed to close the item.
6. Acute shortage of ‘C’ Bags
The staff side was explained that for the year 2011-2012, much of the supply has already started and there are only 2 companies which are yet to start it. Further, action has already been initiated to ensure timely supply of bags for 2012-2013 & 2013-2014. The staff side was also apprised about the constitution of a Committee which will consider decentralization of procurement of stores of other than prescribed sizes, and the Committee will submit its report within one month.
10. Providing additional hand to single handed offices due to decentralization of RD Work etc.
The staff side drew attention to the agreement reached in an earlier meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) in 2006 in the wake of which a Sub Committee was constituted, which submitted its report in favour of the proposal. In turn, it was explained to them that norms for the work of decentralized schemes like RD/MIS have already been finalized and further, redeployment was within the power of the CPMSG.
13. Allot 19% Group B vacancies for General line and permit all Group C officials in Postal, RMS, Admn. And Postal A/Cs with minimum 20 years of service to appear in the exam by dispensing with present reservation of posts to RMS & Admn. Staff.
It was agreed to constitute a Committee which will look into the matter (other than Postal Accounts) and submit its report within 2 months.
14. Problem arisen subsequent on centralization of Tax related work at HO in S.B.Branch.
The staff side was apprised that TDS is a mandatory income tax requirement and is part of the statutory requirement when commission is paid to agents. There is every possibility that the issues raised by them will be sorted out by the new software. It was further stated that in case the issue does not get resolved with the new Financial Services software, this would be examined separately.
16. Anomaly in the preparation of PA gradation list. Date of confirmation should not be taken now and d ate of appointment be taken for construing seniority. Fixing seniority based on the date of confirmation in unconstitutional and discriminatory and dropping of confirmation examination.
It was agreed to refer the matter to the Committee constituted to consider item No.13
17. Delivery/Remarks on Speed Post articles pertaining to Pass Port - Clarifications sought for.
After discussions, it was agreed to reiterate the instructions of the Department to all concerned.
19. Postal Assistant Direct recruitment – compulsory education in regional language – regarding.
The staff side was informed that in the new recruitment rules for PA/SA, the condition has been changed as regional language/Hindi. After detailed discussions, it was agreed to close the item.
21. Holding of JAO part II Examination – regarding.
It was informed to the staff side that the matter was earlier taken up with the Ministry of Law & Justice and is now under consideration in consultation with the Department of Personnel & Training. It was also stated that in case of eligible candidates, the examination may be conducted without much delay.
23. Removal of age limit for appearing in IPO exam.
After detailed discussions it was agreed to drop the item.
24. Evolution of norms for all duties performed my Multi tasking staff (erstwhile Group-D).
The staff side was informed that norms for all the duties performed by MTS are being evolved.
25. Creation of justified additional posts while implementing new system for delivery work and allowing postmen to write correct remarks for non delivery.
The issue is under examination by the Postmen Committee, under the Chairpersonship of CGM PLI.
27. Providing Security to cash overseers.
The staff side was informed that the present cash limits are not so high to provide for the security and further the Circle Heads would be instructed to ensure adherence to the line limits by all concerned. It was also agreed to examine the feasibility of raising line limits and to provide security guards in the Post Offices located in highly sensitive areas. The issue of utilizing services of the bank branches located in the area will also be examined.
28. Incentive to Mail overseers for procuring PRLI Business.
It was agreed to issue a clarification to the effect that Mail Overseers are also eligible for incentives on par with other departmental officials and depending upon the suitability, they can be engaged for this work.
29. Weight and size limit of express post parcels delivery of by Postmen.
It was agreed to reiterate the existing instructions on the subject to all Heads of Circles.
30. To keep status quo in the post of Departmental Stamp Vendor.
The staff side was informed that the issue is covered by the standing instructions on utilization of surplus manpower and redeployment of posts and therefore, the plea to maintain status quo cannot be approved.

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