Thursday, October 13, 2011

MNOP Committee - Dissent Note submitted by staff side


Ref: No. MNOP/GENL/2011 Dated – 11.10.2011


Mrs. Manjula Parashar
Member (Operations)
Postal Service Board
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001
Sub: - MNOP Committee Meeting
Kindly recall the discussion we had with you in the MNOP Committee meeting held on 10.10.2011
As already pointed out by us the minutes of the last meeting do not correctly reflect the view points expressed by the staff side representatives. We have neither agreed with the concept of new sorting hubs for speed post operations nor appreciated the concept for network redesign for first class mails. Our request for change of administrative control of all speed post hubs to RMS Superintendents and also our apprehension regarding closure/merger of sorting offices, especially in the metro/big cities in the wake of implementation of L1, L2 concept was also not included in the minutes. We are rather disappointed to note that inspite of our repeated request the Mckinsey consultancy’s full recommendations are not made available to us.
Regarding the discussion held on 10.10.2011, we had examined in detail all the pros and cons of the suggestions and assurances given by the administration in the meeting. We did not find any reason to change the stand taken by us as regards to implementation of first class mails hub i.e., L1 & L2. We have unanimously decided to oppose the implementation of the L1, L2 on the following counts.
1. It will definitely cause delay to the public mails as compared to the position prevailing now. We are not against improving the quality of the mail operations but it should not be at the cost of efficiency of the Postal Services.
2. Whatever may be the assurances given by the administration, the implementation of L1, L2 concept will result in closure/merger of sorting offices and divisions in the metros in the near future and at other stations at later date.
3. There will be large scale dislocation of staff and their carrier prospects will be adversely affected.
4. We further strongly feel that the international experience in the postal sector, after implementation of such recommendations, have proved disastrous and we don’t want that to happen in India Post by implementing the Mail Network Optimisation Project recommended by Mckinsey.

Finally we once against request you to desist from implementing the MNOP for first class mails i.e. L1, L2
Yours faithfully,
M. Krishnan
Secretary General, NFPE
D. Theagarajan
Secretary General, FNPO

1st Floor, North Avenue Post office, New Delhi – 110001
T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi - 110001

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