Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sub:    Meeting of the Committee held on  01.07.2011 to consider issues relating       to the Postmen- Circulation of minutes;
D.G. Posts No. 1/2/2010-SR dated 25th August, August, 2011.
            Please find enclosed a copy of Minutes of the meeting of committee constituted under Chairpersonship of CGM (MB) to discuss issues relating to Postmen, which was held on 01.07.2011, for information and necessary action.
2.         Action Taken Report on the decisions taken may be furnished at the earliest.
Minutes of the Meeting held on 01.07.2011with the staff side to discuss issues relating to Postman.
            A meeting was held on 01.07.2011 in the office of CGM (MB) in Dak Bhawan, New Delhi to discuss various issues relating to postmen. The following officers/Union representatives were present:
i)Ms.Kalpana Tiwari, CGM (MB)
ii)Shri V.K.Tiwari, DDG (Establishment)
iii)Shri Rishikesh, Director (MailManagement)
iv)Shri Surender Kumar, ADG (GDS)
v)Sh.M.Krishnan, Secretary General,
National Federation of Postal        Employees
viSh. D. Theagarajan, Secretyary General (FNPO)
vii)Sh.K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary,
AIPE Union, Class III
viii)Sh. I.S. Dabas, General Secretary,
AIPE Union Postmen & Group D/MTS
(ix)       Sh. T.N. Rahate, General Secretary,
NUPE Postmen & Gr. D /MTS

2.         During the discussion, the following issues were discussed.

a)         It was agreed that the designation of sorting postmen, which was done away with the recent orders issued by the Establishment Division of the Directorate, may be resorted. The post of the sorting postmen, which might have been diverted, redeployed or abolished by the Circles in the wake of the said orders, may also be restored. It was also agreed that based on the quantum of mail, the need to complete beats sorting activity at least an hour before departure of the postmen for their respective beats and existing norms, concerned Divisional Head/Postmaster may decide the number of sorting postmen/postmen required for the purpose of beat sorting. Further, all postmen may be involved in beat sorting by rotation. Establishment Division may issue necessary clarifications in this regard.

b)         Regarding extraction of data entry work from postmen, it was agreed to assess the work currently being taken from postmen by calling a report from Circles and considering a study for this purpose. Establishment Division may call for the requisite report from the Circles.

c)         Regarding irregular computation of working hours for postmen in the field units, the staff side was informed that the work study report will be once again studied by Establishment Division and Mails Division to assess if all areas of work were covered and if deviations were in the recommendations by Work Study unit and orders of revised norms issued by Establishment Division. Any further action will be taken after going through the work study report and orders of Establishment Division.

d)         On renewal of minimum cycleable distance for grant of cycle maintenance allowance to postmen, it was informed that the matter has been taken up with Ministry of Finance.

e)         Regarding payment of incentive to postmen for delivery of Speed Post, it was agreed that the work load may be assessed in order to further understand the issue.
 f)         It was agreed to assess the average beat length of postmen for the purpose of deciding the maximum beat length after calling for the details of existing beat length as the staff side informed that in some Circles the beat length stretched up to 40 KMs or more. It was also agreed by the staff side that postmen will carry all articles in each beat(first class, second class, Speed Post, registered post, money orders etc.) After receipt of information from the Circles, the need for a revised work study can be assessed. Establishment Division may take necessary action in this regard.
g)         The staff side also raised the issue of combination of beat/double duty In case postmen staff goes on leave. It was assured that the issue will be looked into.

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